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Lotus Fresh-and you´ll have spring water in your whirlpool !


With revolutionary Lotus Fresh water care concept you will need no further additives in future to keep your water clear and clean.



What is Lotus Fresh ?


Lotus Fresh is the innovation with which you keep the water in your whirlpool or spa clear and clean - completely biologically and free of chlorine. Lotus Fresh not only cleans the water, it reliably removes excess lime, anaerobic bacteria, Legionella and other foreign substances.


Lotus Fresh makes your whirlpool water particulary soft and your skin will be less irritated. Skin irritation is now a thing of the past. Your skin will no longer dry out and will retain its natural acid mantel.


Lotus Fresh keeps the technical parts of your whirlpool scale free, thus considerably prolonging the service life and preventing expensive repairs to scaled pumps and corroded heating elements.


The cushion and insulating cover of your spa will also enjoy a longer service life, as they are not longer exposed to aggressive vapours from disinfecant.


Instesadt of replacing your whirlpool water every two to four months, you can use water with Lotus Fresh for at least 12 months, so protecting the environment and conserving both energie and money at the same time.



What problems does a whirlpool pose ?


Water in a whirlpool is contaminated in a number of different ways. 


The warm water and rich supply of nutriments, such as perspiration, flakes of skin, skin creams and hair, allow bacteria and germs to rapidly increase in numbers. The filters, however, can only remove larger contaminants. The microscopically small contaminants, bacteria and germs, on the other hand, are not trapped by the filters.


Disinfecants such as chlorine, bromine and active oxygen are generally added to keep the water clean. The basic mode of action of these agents is oxidation to kill germs and bacteria. Unfortunately this oxidation also causes serious harm to the water-the water "dies", and thus loses its natural ability to clean itself.


A further problem is the formation of bacteria colonies in the pipework: the "biofilm". Althoug disinfecants kill off individual bacteria, the biofilm is practically immune to disinfecants. In order to keep the biofilm under control,the quantities of disinfectant addedbecome larger and larger...


The water becomes increasingly aggressive to the skin. It gradually loses more and more "stability" and finally threatens to "die" completely. That is why the whirlpool water generally has to be replaced every two or three month-a real vicious circle.



How does Lotus Fresh function ?


Lotus Fresh keeps the water "stable" and "alive". Thanks to an innovative active formula, Lotus Fresh can differentiate beetween water molecules of foreign matter. Everything what is not water is encapsulated. The encapsulated contaminants are effectively and safely filtered out. For this reason it is particulary important to thoroughly clean the filters at regular intervals.


Not only contaminants, but also substances dissolved in the water such as calcium, iron, copper andmanganese are detected by Lotus Fresh. The active formula partially changes the molecular structure of these substances befor they are encapsulated and then filtered out or precipiated.


The water takes on a quality similar to spring water. It is chrystal-clear and free of odour.



Questions and answers



How often do I have to change the water in the whirlpool ?


It is not longer necessary to drain precious heated water every three to four months and to refill the whirlpool. You can save yourself this work and these costs in future.

You can leave the water in the whirlpool for at least a year or even longer.



I have refilled the whirlpool with fresh water and added Lotus Fresh. The water has turned milky. What is that ?


This reaction is normal. Lotus Fresh has started to work and has encapsulated contaminants in the water. That is what causes this discolouration. This occurs particularly frequently and intensively with whirlpools that have been in operation for some time. In such cases, biofilm has formed in pipework. Lotus Fresh is now dissolving this biofilm.


Please clean the filters the next day and increase the filter running time.


The cloudiness normally disappears by the next day. In particularly severe cases, the cloudiness of the watercan last up to three days.



Do i need an ozonator for Lotus Fresh to function ?


Although the ozonator is a very good way of helping disinfect the water, you don´t need an ozonator thanks to Lotus Fresh.


Lotus Fresh is powerful enough to keep the water clean without the assistance of other disinfecants.



Do i have to set the pH value when using Lotus Fresh ?


Lotus Fresh does not change the pH Value. It also works with any pH value. However, there may be natural fluctuations in the pH Value that can be corrected using appropriate agents.



I have added Lotus Fresh and now a powdery white coating has formed. What is it ?


This coating is exess calcium that has been converted and precipated by

Lotus Fresh. This may reoccur in the case of very hard water. 


You can simply wipe away this coating with a cloth. Increase the filter run-time to filter out the calcium.



I use Lotus Fresh and nevertheless my water smells. Why is that ?


In 99% of cases it is the whirlpool surround and the insulating cover that smell, not the water. Moisture becomes trapped between the two. This moisture is not cleaned and starts to stagnate. This causes the smell. It is also possible that the filters were not cleaned properly, or they have been in operation for more than a week. This can also lead to smell.


Clean the whirlpool surround and the insolating cover regularly using a disinfectant. In a few cases it is possible that the insufficent Lotus Fresh was added. Increase the dosage for a short time and make sure that the dosing and filter cleaning are carried out regularly.



After the use of Lotus Fresh, the filters are dark brown. What is that, and what can i do ?


Fiters can frequently turn brown when Lotus Fresh reacts with freshly added water. The brown discoulouration can come from excess calcium or from metals dissolved in the water, such as iron, copper manganese.


Place the filters in cleaning solution overnight. Next day, rinse the filters thoroughly and then leave them overnight in chlorine solution.The filters will be bleached as a result and will regain their white colour.



I have been using Lotus Fresh for arround two months. A slimy layer has formed in the water around the edge of the whirlpool. What is that, and what can I do ?


This is biofilm. If you have an older whirlpool that has already been treated using another disinfectant, you will have biofilm in the pipework. Biofilm is a bacterial colony that is resistant to disinfectant. Lotus Fresh slowly but surely destroys this colony. Shortly befor final destruction, the biofilm comes away from the pipework, enters the whirlpool space and is deposited on the walls. It sometimes also occures in new whirlpools. This is due to residual water in the pipework from factory-filling of the test purposes.


Double the quantity of Lotus Fresh. This layer should disappear within two days at he latest. You can also carry out a shock chlorination using inorganic chlorine.



How do i clean filters correctly ?


It is important to place the filters for 12 hours in a filter cleaning solution. Filter cleaning loosens grease and oil from the filter. Then the filter should once again be placed in a chlorine solution and subsequently rinsed thouroughly. The chlorine oxidizes any remaining contaminants and ensures that the filter does not become a breading ground for bacteria and start to smell. Poorly cleaned filters are frequently responsible for unpleasant smelling water.

In standard use, clean these filters at least every 2 weeks.


The filters have to be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals so that the dirt particles in the filters every day during the first week using a garden hose. In the first two weeks after an initial filling, heavy deposits may form in the filters.



Does Lotus Fresh smell ?


No, Lotus Fresh is absolutely odour-free. The water in your whirlpool also remains odour-free. Gone are the days when the water, your skin and even your towels and bathrobes smelt of chlorine.



Can i combine Lotus Fresh with other cleaning agents ?


You can not combine Lotus Fresh with other cleaning agents. Lotus Fresh will identify every other agent in the water as a foreign substance and will encapsulate it. This process will also use up the Lotus Fresh. In these respect, the use of other cleaning agents is also counterproductive.


If you have dropped the infamous glass of wine in the whirlpool and you want to clear the water really quickly, you can carry out a shock chlorination using four tablespoons of inorganic 70% calcium hypochlorite granules. Once the chlorine has degraded after two to three days, you can continue with the use of Lotus Fresh.

You can also set the pH value using approriate agents.



Can I add essential bath oils as a perfume additive to Lotus Fresh ?


The bath oils can be used if they are made from natural materials and without emulsifiers and preservatives. Lotus Fresh will treat other perfuming substances as "contaminants" and encapsulate them.


Enjoy your Lotus Fresh !